Brandy Old Fashioned – Metal Ornament


Toast to the holidays and celebrate tradition with this ‘Brandy Old Fashioned’ metal Christmas tree ornament. A delightful tribute to a beloved cocktail, this ornament features a detailed, colorful illustration of the classic drink against a sleek black background. Made from resilient white aluminum, it offers a durable keepsake that will add a spirited touch to your festive decor. Printed with high-resolution precision and sealed with a glossy finish, this ornament is designed to be scratch and chip-resistant, ensuring its beauty lasts as long as the memories it commemorates.

Item Specifications:

  • White aluminum ornament with a ‘Brandy Old Fashioned’ cocktail illustration
  • Vivid colors and detail with a glossy finish for added sparkle
  • Robust surface that stands up to scratches and chips
  • Design printed on both sides for a full view regardless of placement
  • Complemented by a red ribbon for easy hanging

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