Wisconsin Hunting – Metal Ornament


Embrace the rustic beauty of the Wisconsin wilderness with this elegant metal Christmas tree ornament, designed to celebrate the state’s rich hunting heritage. The striking silhouette of a majestic buck set against the outline of Wisconsin is rendered on a stark black backdrop, creating a bold and distinctive look. Crafted from white aluminum, this ornament is not only visually striking but also made to endure, boasting a high-resolution print that shines through a glossy finish. Resistant to scratches and chips, it’s as resilient as the Wisconsin hunters it honors.

Product Details:

  • White aluminum base featuring a Wisconsin buck silhouette
  • Striking black and white contrast with a glossy finish
  • Surface designed to resist scratches and chips
  • Dual-sided printing to showcase the design from any angle
  • Each ornament is paired with its own red ribbon for hanging

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