Wisconsin Up North – Metal Ornament


Immerse in the cozy wilderness vibe with our ‘Wisconsin Up North’ metal Christmas tree ornament. Evoking the warmth and tranquility of northern woods and campfires, this ornament features a serene tree-line design with a welcoming campfire emblem, all enveloped within the iconic Wisconsin badge. The rich hues of orange and brown against the classic black backdrop create a comforting and familiar holiday aesthetic. Made from durable white aluminum, this ornament is printed in high-resolution and finished with a glossy layer to ensure the vibrant colors stand out. Plus, the scratch and chip-resistant surface means it’s ready for many holiday seasons to come.

Product Specifications:

  • Sturdy white aluminum ornament with ‘Wisconsin Up North’ badge design
  • Warm orange and brown colors set against a black background with a glossy finish
  • A robust surface that resists scratches and chips
  • High-quality, double-sided printing for a lasting image
  • Includes a red ribbon for easy and festive hanging

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